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Ronan celebrates 30 years at Radio One

Ronan Collins was presented with this special cake featuring a microphone to mark 30 years at RTE Radio One.

He holds the record for being the longest-serving radio presenter, five davs-a-week on a daytime show, with an unbroken service at RTE.

The popular radio host said he started working for RTE 36 years ago.

"I started on what's now 2fm on 31 May 1979, and I finished there six years later on the same date in 1985.

"And then on June 3, 1985 I started on Radio One and I have been there ever since," a delighted Ronan (62) told the Herald.


Members of his family were on hand to enjoy the special moment, including his wife Woody, his son Damian, daughter Lisa and baby grandson Caleb who is nearly five months old.

"I didn't know they were coming in at all. It was very nice," said Ronan.

The presenter has another daughter, Jessica, who is a weddings and events co-ordinator; she was working at a wedding yesterday.

Speaking about his long career, he said he gets a great kick out of the job.

"Every day is a joy. I come in, present the programme, I operate the machinery. I load music into the computer playlist.


"I do all of those things, and I get a great sense of satisfaction," he said.

Ronan is also a talented singer and was performing with a band at an event in Harvey's Point in Donegal last night.