Friday 24 November 2017

Romantic soldiers now plan their big day

TWO soldiers who met on Bebo and got engaged on Facebook finally have the chance to plan their life together.

Aoife Flood and Shane Curran are both now stationed at home for good.

The couple spent Christmas together in Dublin and are planning to buy a new home in Rathcoole this month.

They first met on social networking site Bebo three years ago and instantly hit it off, sharing a common interest and career in the army.

Aoife (25), who is based in the equitation section, said that she was blown away by Shane's romantic proposal.

"He was in the Lebanon serving with the army on a peacekeeping mission," she told the Herald.


"While he was on duty he wrote in stone 'Aoife marry me'. He got down on one knee and asked his friend to take a photo."

Shane, who is in the infantry weapons wing in the Curragh, then posted the picture on Facebook.

"I didn't see it at first. I was in the RDS at the horse show with the equitation school," she said. "I was getting all these phone calls and text messages saying 'Aoife go on Facebook'. I got one of the army lads to let me go on to his phone to see Facebook.

"He came home in November and he's home for good. There were big celebrations -- it was in time for Christmas," she added. Aoife, originally from Tallaght, said that she was there to greet her future husband at the airport on his return home. "It's brilliant -- we all met them in the airport, there was huge excitement," she said.

And Aoife said that she is looking forward to planning an army wedding with Shane, originally from Newbridge.

"There will definitely be horses at it," she added.

"The guys in Curragh will do an escort. Shane is going to try to further his career and if he does, there will be swords at it."


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