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Rolex seller dodges bullets from fake buyer

A DOCTOR who was selling a Rolex watch online was shot at by a gunman who duped him into believing he wanted to buy it.

The man advertised the watch for sale on a website and was contacted by an individual who said he was interested and would pay a "couple of grand" for the watch.

The seller gave out his address in Clonee and an appointed time was agreed.

The 'buyer' came to the house with a second man.

When the seller opened the door, both men attempted to take the watch from him.

When the man refused to give them the watch, the gunman opened fire.

The victim, who lives in the Hazelbury Park estate in Clonee, Dublin, told gardai the man produced a gun when he called to his home at 8.20pm last night.

There was a stand-off in the front garden and the gunman pointed the weapon at the victim and fired at least four shots in his direction.

The victim of the attempted robbery, Dr Umar Al Qadri, had advertised the watch on a website, his wife confirmed.

Shahida Al Qadri told the Herald how her husband had received a call about the watch.

"He had arranged to meet a man and his wife at his office, but the person who wanted to buy it was calling and making it later and later in the day," she said.


"Then they arranged to call to the house. My husband got a terrible shock when the man showed the gun," she added.

Local residents reported seeing a dark saloon car leaving the estate at speed after the shots were fired.

Neighbours reported hearing the shots being fired as the frightened man was chased around the garden before the gunmen fled the scene.

Garda sources say it is the second such incident in the space of a few days after a similar robbery in Balbriggan.

One neighbour said."The man was in total shock. He lives there with his wife and two young children – a boy and girl aged around three and five. It was traumatic."

Gardai carried out house-to-house inquiries this morning, and searched local green spaces.