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Rob scales record-breaking 278 peaks

aFTER two years of climbing more than 270 peaks, Mountaineer Rob Lee is the youngest person on record to have scaled every mountain in Ireland.

Wicklow native Rob is only 20 years old and has climbed 278 summits in less than two years.

He began his quest on New Year's Day in 2013 and finished it when he scaled the Hags Tooth in Kerry at the weekend.

Rob said that it has been a huge ambition of his since he was a child.

"Since I was about eight it is something that I have always wanted to do," Rob told the Herald.

"Growing up in Wicklow and near the mountains I have always been going up and down them and I just thought that it would be great to do," he added.

He said mountaineering is a great and relatively cheap way to enjoy the outdoors.

"I love it," said Rob. "It gives you a great sense of freedom and there is a thrill about being in places that you are not really designed to be in.


"It is exciting and a great way to spend time with friends," he added.

This weekend's climb was not the first time he had been climbing in Kerry - he previously did 11 different summits there in one day last summer.

"Many of the peaks run along a ridge so in eight to 12 hours I might get about 10 peaks," he said.

"My record is 11 peaks in one day when we did the McGillycuddy Reeks and it was fantastic."

Now Rob wants to try to earn a living from walking through the mountains. He would love to pursue a career as a mountain leader and take groups on walks.

"I am training to be a mountain leader so I have to log walks," he said.

"That means I will be able to get insurance and get paid to lead people up mountains.

"My brother and I are hoping to go and do some rock climbing in Romania during the summer and I'd like to do Mont Blanc as well."

Rob logs all of his climbs on Mountainviews.ie.