Tuesday 22 January 2019

RIRA suspects in fatal shooting of dad of four Kenny

THE Real IRA in Dublin are the chief suspects for shooting a dad of four in a war over extortion rackets in the city.

Gardai believe that Liam Kenny (53), until recently a leading member of the Continuity IRA, was murdered because he demanded cash from the same drug dealers who were paying cash to the RIRA.

Two notorious brothers from north Dublin, who are leading members of the RIRA in the capital, are emerging as suspects for having ordered Kenny's murder, sources revealed.

The RIRA has murdered two other people in the city in the past 18 months.

The Herald can also reveal that a close pal of Kenny's, a 40-year-old ex-RIRA turned CIRA member from north Dublin, has also had his life threatened in recent weeks.

There are fears that this man may now be targeted as the extortion dispute continues.

Garda sources have described the murder probe as "complex".

While the RIRA link is the chief line of investigation, some reports have suggested Kenny was murdered by local drug dealers who he had clashed with.

Kenny was shot dead just after 4am yesterday at his home on Shancastle Avenue, Clondalkin, west Dublin.

He was well known to gardai as a member of the CIRA but he split from that organisation last year. He played a prominent role in protests against Queen Elizabeth's visit here last month.

Sources say that Kenny was heavily involved in extorting money from drug dealers in his locality, which may have brought him into conflict with a dangerous mob of RIRA criminals in the city.

The gang has been linked to two murders, five shootings and a wave of incidents of intimidation and extortion across Dublin over the past 18 months.

Detectives are also probing whether Mr Kenny was feuding with the RIRA over control of the lucrative door security business in some pubs and nightclubs in Dublin.

A source added: "This is a complex investigation -- the victim had a number of enemies with strong links to serious criminality."


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