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Ridge quits FG over fall-out of Tribunal

A FINE Gael councillor criticised by the Mahon Tribunal has resigned from the party.

Therese Ridge was disciplined by Fine Gael in the wake of the tribunal's report but appealed her potential expulsion.

However, Ms Ridge has now voluntarily stepped down as she does not feel "fair procedures" would apply.

The South Dublin county councillor was the subject of adverse findings by Mahon last March over her acceptance of election funding in 1992 from lobbyist Frank Dunlop.

The party's disciplinary committee found the Clondalkin politician's relationship with Dunlop "severely compromised her role as a public representative".

Fine Gael removed the whip from her and asked her to resign from all committees.

Ms Ridge said: "I'm just not happy to stay under the circumstances that have been laid out to me. I don't believe I did anything wrong."