Tuesday 12 December 2017

Richard and me are still 'rock solid', insists McLynn after being snapped without ring

FATHER Ted star Pauline McLynn has broken her silence to claim that she and husband Richard Cook are "rock solid".

Last summer, the actress and author (49) set tongues wagging after she was snapped not wearing her wedding ring.

But popular Pauline has told the Herald how the picture of her in Dublin last June was misconstrued and said things couldn't be better her and her husband of 14 years.

"Believe what you like. I read the papers sometimes and I'm like 'oh right'. There was a big thing in one of the papers and I didn't realise but someone took my picture when I was going through Phibsboro wearing a frock," she said.

"I was walking along wearing a pair of flip-flops and I know I was going to Tesco for ingredients for the dinner but they (the paper) were saying 'where are her wedding rings?', because I wasn't wearing them.

"I know exactly why. I had put on fake tan and that's why. I was wearing my flip flops so they wouldn't interfere with the tan because it was still developing and I had the loose frock on -- they didn't know if I had any bra or knickers on either."

She said she often takes off her wedding rings and leaves them at home while she's working to avoid having to do retakes if her character isn't married.

Pauline, who played Mrs Doyle in Father Ted, continued: "Myself and Richard are rock solid, I have to say he's brilliant so it's all fine. We adopted two cats, and why would we do that if things weren't great? We wouldn't have been let have them if we were having a broken home. They wouldn't have given them to us!

"I don't mind it for me but I would mind if my family were bothered and it's nothing to do with them, any of it. Richard is fine, we're grand.

"We have moved on from any of that. I read things about people that I know in the papers all the time and go 'My God, where did you get that?'"

Pauline will now be taking on one of the leading roles in Fiona Looney's new play Greener, alongside comedienne Deirdre O'Kane.

And she'll be re-uniting with old pal Amy Huberman as she takes on the role of her mum in the next instalment of Threesome.


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