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Reveller had metal spike up jumper for protection

A REVELLER pulled a metal spike out of the ground in case he needed to protect himself after being threatened outside a club, a court heard.

Philip Hayde (22) was offered a "straightener", or fist fight, by another man after he left a nightclub.

A court heard that Hayde was scared and pulled a solar light from the ground and hid the spike up his top.

The defendant, of Kiltalown Green in Tallaght, admitted before Tallaght District Court to possession of a weapon.

The incident took place at Atari Expo, The Square Shopping Centre in Tallaght, on January 12 last.



Garda Sergeant Carmel Henry said gardai received a call from a taxi driver about a man who had a weapon up his arm.

The sergeant said Hayde had a metal pipe with a plastic spike on it, which he had pulled out of a garden.

The court heard Hayde did not brandish the weapon at the other man.

Judge Halpin ordered Hayde to donate €100 to the Capuchin Day Centre and struck out the charge.