Wednesday 13 December 2017

Revealed, our future political leaders...

You simply couldn't make it up.

Following on from my story last week about how UCD Students' Union, fond of raging against the ineptitude of a Fianna Fail government which had plunged the country in massive debt, had itself run up debts of €1m on its services, comes the news that it has faced protests from its own electorate -- UCD students themselves.

Having decided that austerity measures were required to reduce its debt, the SU made redundant two "photocopying staff", as the arcane service they provided was losing €40,000 a year.

But the people rose up, and collected a petition of 3,000 signatures demanding that the staff be re-employed.

When it came to the crucial referendum on the subject, however, only 187 people turned up to support the motion, well short of the 5pc of the college population required to overturn it.

Ineptitude, showboating and ultimate voter apathy -- truly, UCD students are tomorrow's political leaders...

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