Wednesday 16 January 2019

Revamped Callely back on doorsteps

HE'S not running for anything, but Ivor the Engine is on the hustings anyway.

Senator Callely was knocking on doors this week even though he remains in the political wilderness.

Despite being shunned by Fianna Fail, he has produced literature that his former party would be proud of.

It boasts of "very positive" forecasts for economic growth for 2011 and how Brian Lenihan's Budget will "boost job creation".


As he attempts to relaunch his image in the wake of damaging allegations over expenses, Callely also appears to be revamping his website.

The controversial politician was spotted canvassing in the Raheny area over the weekend and delivering letters confirming his "ongoing commitment to serve you in this difficult period of economic and financial challenges". How Mr Callely intends to do that is unclear, as his term as a senator will end within weeks when a new government takes over.

His emergence on to the doorsteps of north Dublin comes after months of controversy over his expenses that ended with a High Court battle against his own Oireachtas colleagues.

An Oireachtas committee found that he was wrong to claim up to €80,000 in travel and subsistence expenses from a Cork holiday home but the High Court overruled this judgment.


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