Sunday 23 September 2018

Residents say park where ammo found should be locked at night

Herbert Park
Herbert Park

RESIDENTS living beside Herbert Park, where children discovered live ammunition in a plastic bag, have called for the park to be closed at night.

Safety concerns were raised after pupils from John Scottus secondary school in Donnybrook found the ammunition last week while on a science trip in the park.

Among items discovered in the bag were four live .303 bullets and two live 12-gauge shotgun cartridges.

While searching bushes in the Ballsbridge park for insects, the pupils came across a plastic bag containing the ammunition.

Now the local residents' association has called for the park to be locked up at night after Dublin City Council ruled that one entrance be left permanently open after dark.

Christopher Doyle, the chairman of Donnybrook Residents' Association, said that leaving the whole park open would "lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour".

"The solution to getting rid of anti-social behaviour was to open a gate and spend thousands on a new coffee shop," he said.

"Leaving the gates open will lead to vandalism."


Mr Doyle said he wanted more patrols in the park, and claimed the council was "rubbing mud into people's eyes" by leaving a gate open round the clock.

He also said that temporary fences put up by the council which are scheduled to be removed should remain, or it would "leave people vulnerable of falling into the Dodder".

However, local councillor Dermot Lacey said the opening of one of the gates at night made the park "safer", and the fences were a temporary measure during council anti-flooding works.

"The guards have stated on the record that they believe if the park is kept open it will be better," he said.

"This is the view of the guards and it was brought to the attention of people at a public meeting."

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