Saturday 18 November 2017

Residents furious over three-lane road plans


Michael Baynes
Michael Baynes

Northside locals have claimed a proposed three-lane road that includes bus and cycle lanes will "destroy" a national monument and bring "hundreds" of extra buses through a quiet community.

The group fears that the plan will cause disruption while it's being built and will bring increased traffic.

A group representing residents in Collins Square have issued a statement outlining their concerns. The plan will see a two-way cycle route from the Phoenix Park to the Point Village and a bus lane running the length of Benburb Street and Hammond Lane up to the Four Courts.


Local homeowner Elizabeth O'Brien claimed the plan "destroys" two parks and the residents are concerned that the likely route will cut through into the Croppies Acre, a graveyard of 1798 rebels.

They also fear it will bring "hundreds of buses every day through a quiet residential neighbourhood". They claimed that a cheaper option would be to run a cycle lane down Benburb Street, as a bus lane already exists on the quays.

Meanwhile, occupants of Benburb Street, Smithfield, have claimed they were not consulted about the chosen route for the 'Liffey Corridor'.

"We were not made aware of this by Dublin City Council, and I haven't met anyone yet who was notified," said Michael Baynes, who has a solicitors' office on Benburb Street.

"When the Luas started we saw a lot of work and disruption in the area, so it is annoying for another proposal to start works around here again. There isn't sufficient room for it," he said.

"The traffic would be very close to the Luas and it would make the street vulnerable from a practical point of view."

A Council spokesman insisted that they did go through a consultation process. The plans will be discussed at the next meeting of the Transportation and Traffic Strategic Policy Committee on September 16.

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