Tuesday 23 January 2018

Residents engage in' frank' talks over homelesss shelter


RESIDENTS of a city suburb met for the first time with authorities this week to discuss a controversial homeless shelter that has recently been established.

Locals in Finglas West are concerned that the recently opened Abigail homeless shelter had led to a spike in anti- social behaviour in the area.

On Tuesday, angry residents and assistant city manager Dick Brady, along with other city officials, had a "very frank" discussion about the problematic centre, Mr John Fox of the WFTA soccer club told the Herald.

The evening before the meeting, two young children found a used needle near the centre but, thankfully, did not touch it, he said.

The possibility of children finding discarded needles is one of the biggest concerns among those who live near the Kildonan Road facility.

Other issues have arisen they claim, including open drug dealing and begging.

Earlier this year, the Dublin Region Homeless Executive, the body responsible for the centre, increased security patrols at the shelter.


However it hasn't been enough to solve the problem, according to Mr Fox.

"If they can't do what they said they would, then any suggestion they bring to us next is useless as the residents will continue to look for the centre to be closed," he said.

In advance of further proposals for dealing with anti-social behaviour from those responsible, the residents have yet to decide on how they will proceed.

"We don't know what the next step will be, whether there will be more protests or not," he said.

"There has been talk at meetings about people chaining themselves to the gates, but everything and anything can come up during discussions."

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