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Research looks at Dublin's air

IRISH researchers will monitor atmospheric conditions in Dublin to see how they impact on citizens.

The experts, supported by PCH, Tyndall National Institute, TSSG Waterford, the National College of Art and Design and Vodafone Ireland, will use sensor technology to measure everyday atmospheric conditions and how they impact on people.

The environmental sensor equipment will be mounted on 20 bikes to measure carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke, particulates and temperature levels.

Corrie star Knox to stand trial

Coronation Street actress Barbara Knox is to go on trial for drink-driving in February.

The 81-year-old, who plays Rita Tanner, did not attend Crewe Magistrates' Court yesterday, when a two-day trial was fixed, starting on February 9. The actress denies the offence.

Knox was charged following an incident in Cheshire last March. A sample of blood gave an alcohol reading of 85 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood - the legal limit is 80.

Drivers find it's raining money

Drivers scrambled to grab money on a Maryland highway after an armoured truck's door burst open.

Police said a lock on the truck malfunctioned, causing the door to open. A bag of cash fell on to the road and the bills flew into the air.

A number of drivers stopped and grabbed what cash they could before a fire department vehicle arrived and turned on its emergency lights. Troopers were able to help the truck's driver recover about $200.

Spain in bid to halt Catalans

Spain's government is asking the Constitutional Court to block plans by Catalonia to hold an informal independence poll on November 9.

Catalan authorities called off a referendum on the issue for the same date after the government challenged its legality before the court, which tentatively suspended the vote. Catalonia then opted to hold the informal ballot.

Deputy premier Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said the alternative poll was also unconstitutional.