Friday 19 January 2018

Rent rises to be restricted to once every two years in new deal


alan kelly
alan kelly

A WATERED-down version of 'rent certainty' whereby, landlords will only be allowed to hike prices every two years has been agreed by the Coalition.

The long-running battle between Environment Minister Alan Kelly (inset) and the Department of Finance over how to tackle the rental crisis ended in compromise last night.

Mr Kelly has agreed to give up on his plan to link rent increases to inflation in return for tougher regulations on landlords trying to hike rents to evict tenants.

Currently a tenant can have their rent raised every 12 months but this timeframe is set to be doubled.

The package, which will be signed off on by Cabinet next Tuesday, also contains incentives for landlords who take families off the social housing list.

"There is a suite of measures that everybody is happy with and the firm target is now for Tuesday's Cabinet meeting," said a source

The changes will require some new legislation but sources say that this can be "done very quickly" by making amendments to the Residential Tenancies Bill 2012 which is currently passing through the Dail and Seanad.

It was introduced by Jan O'Sullivan when she was Minister for Housing and deals primarily with the voluntary and cooperative housing sector.

"There will be some legislative changes needed on the back of the housing package but it won't require us to start an entirely new bill because we can still make amendments to the existing one," a source said.

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