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Religious leaders hit out at school LGBT week


Leo Varadkar

Leo Varadkar

Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin

Leo Varadkar

A group of religious leaders in Dublin have formally complained to education chiefs about the staging of an ‘LGBT week’ at a secondary school in the run-up to the Marriage Equality referendum.

As part of the LGBT week, students at the Colaiste Pobal Setanta in west Dublin were invited to take part in a number of workshops and attend a flag raising ceremony attended by Health Minister and local TD Leo Varadkar.

However, a number of parents are understood to have complained that their children were asked to engage in activities which they did not feel comfortable doing, including the wearing of LGBT ribbons.

The school authorities insisted the LGBT week was held in order to promote equality and had nothing to do with the upcoming referendum.

“We did not discuss sexuality, we did not discuss the upcoming referendum and there was absolutely no propaganda of any sort involved in what we organised,” they said.

However, in a letter to the relevant education board, 11 religious leaders who claim to represent 80 pupils at the school have called for the claims by some pupils and parents to be investigated.

“We do not feel that any LGBT week whatsoever, is suitable for a school environment.

“If an LGBT week can be held, then a heterosexual week should be held,” they said.