Wednesday 22 November 2017

Reilly opposed to sewage plant

A GOVERNMENT minister has voiced his opposition to a sewage plant proposed for his constituency.

Health Minister James Reilly fears a systems failure could result in large amounts of raw effluent being pumped into the Irish Sea off Fingal.

"Whatever solution emerges, it is my opinion that tertiary treatment should be included, in order to treat the waste to a higher level and produce water that might be suitable for certain purposes," Dr Reilly wrote.

Nine possible sites across Fingal have been earmarked for a plant to treat sewage from across Dublin and parts of Kildare and Meath.

A preferred site is due to be selected by Greater Dublin Drainage and Fingal County Council this year.

Antebellum's singer married

LADY Antebellum singer Hillary Scott is married.

She and new husband Chris Tyrrell announced the news in a video message on Lady Antebellum's official website. The couple tied the knot in upstate New York.

They appear wearing matching T-shirts with Tyrrell hugging his new bride and introducing her as "Miss Hillary Scott Tyrrell". Lady Antebellum's hits include the Grammy-winning Need You Now.

Milk from wreck may be hazard

NEW Zealand authorities warned beachgoers to stay away from the debris that has washed ashore from a wrecked cargo ship -- especially the bags of powdered milk some have been scavenging.

Waihi Police sergeant Dave Litton said police closed Waihi Beach after four cargo containers from the Greek-owned Rena washed ashore.

Authorities say the milk and other items washed up could be a health hazard.

Leopard went on killing spree

A LEOPARD went on a rampage in an Indian city, killing one man, swiping off part of another man's scalp and injuring three others before it was tranquilised by local authorities.

Neighbours in Gauhati said the big cat attacked a 50-year-old lawyer as he talked on his mobile yesterday evening outside his house. He was rushed to hospital where he died.

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