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Refunds deal agreed for commuter ticket holders


Luas users will get refunds

Luas users will get refunds

Luas users will get refunds

Commuters will get refunds for rail, Luas and other transport services they have paid for but are not using.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has spent weeks working on solutions to refund those who have paid for tickets but cannot make use of them due to the lockdown.

The refunds will apply to those who have bought tickets for Dublin Bus, Go-Ahead Ireland, Bus Eireann, Iarnrod Eireann and Luas.

Commuters who are to continue working with their current employer will be offered free travel for a number of months equivalent to the time they have been unable to use their passes.

At the point when the customer returns to work, or on expiry of their ticket, they will be able to make arrangements with their employer.

They will be offered a choice of the months in lieu taking effect immediately or using them at a later date.


This could see a saving of €350 for someone not commuting for three months who pays €1,400 for their annual ticket.

Someone travelling from Athlone to Dublin pays €4,960 for a TaxSaver ticket.

If a commuter in that position is not travelling for three months, the saving could be €1,240.

For holders of TaxSaver tickets who will not be continuing in their current employment, a refund will be offered to cover the remaining period of ticket validity from the time restrictions were put in place.

Where the customer wishes to receive a refund rather than a replacement ticket, it is still open to them to make a request via their employer under existing terms and conditions.

"I am pleased the NTA are making these arrangements for public transport customers who have been unable to use their TaxSaver tickets due to the current restrictions on travel," Transport Minister Shane Ross said.

He added that "times are tough for many at the moment" in welcoming the refunds plan.