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‘Raving’ drug suspect ‘like a crazed animal’

A suspected drug dealer who is believed to have sold the dangerous drug known as scuzz’ which has resulted in students being hospitalised was in hospital himself last night.

The 25-year-old was arrested at 3am yesterday in Dublin city centre under the Public Order Act but was brought to hospital after gardai discovered he had taken a large quantity of the dangerous drug.

Sources said he was like a “crazed animal” when officers tracked him down.

Gardai seized nine of the suspected LSD/Methamphetamine paper trips’ from his apartment in Blackrock, south Dublin, valued at less than €100. The paper drugs depict comic superhero Captain America.

The suspect was not in the apartment at the time but gardai later located him on Harcourt Street.

Sources say that the man is expected to be arrested and questioned about drug dealing once discharged from hospital.

A senior source said: “This fella was completely out of it when he was arrested - he was ranting and raving insanely.

“It was clear he needed hospital treatment. He was still on Planet Zog yesterday morning but his condition stabilised as the day went on.

“He now has serious questions to face in relation to the distribution of this stuff which is clearly very dangerous.”

It’s understood that three of the six students who were hospitalised on Wednesday night were from UCD.

All six were released from hospital the same night. The college is treating it as an off-campus incident.