Friday 13 December 2019

Raunchy billboard ad has councillors hot under the collar

A billboard on Dublin's North Strand
A billboard on Dublin's North Strand

Councillors have slammed a raunchy new advertisement that has sprung up on billboards around Dublin.

Fashion company 6th Sense Global Designs has been criticised for an 'explicit' advert that was plastered on billboards on both sides of the city.

The one pictured here was on Dublin's North Strand Road.

The billboard - advertising men's clothing - features a man slickly dressed in a suit and a young model sporting nothing but black lingerie. The logo 'dress to impress' accompanies the advert.


City councillors were less than impressed with the advert, with both independent councillor Damien O'Farrell and Green Party councillor Ciaran Cuffe lodging complaints with the Advertising Standards Authority Ireland.

Mr O'Farrell said the billboard implies that women are there for "men's gratification".

"It's obviously a marketing ploy, but a highly questionable one from an ethical perspective," the inner city councillor said.

"I believe this advertisement is inappropriate for a public thoroughfare.

"We have watershed time on TV for very valid reasons.

"Parents go to great lengths to protect their children from sexually explicit material on the internet, and yet when they go out on the street they are going to be exposed to it."

In a letter seen by the Herald, Mr O'Farrell told Dublin City Council (DCC) he was "very disappointed" that they would allow this type of advertising.

"I'm requesting a report of this matter and the removal of the material as a matter of urgency," Mr O'Farrell told a council official.

DCC responded saying that while they appreciate the councillor's "dismay regarding the content" of the advert, the council has no powers to regulate advertisements' content.

"However, I will request Planning Enforcement to investigate whether or not the structure has planning permission and to take any action as appropriate," a DCC official told Mr O'Farrell.

"It's pretty sexist and exploits the sexuality of the women. It is a good example of everyday sexism," Mr Cuffe told the Herald.

Meanwhile, Cllr Mannix Flynn described the poster as "outrageous" and "insulting".

"This is reckless and gratuitous. It is a shameless sexualisation of women and their body to sell products," he said.

"Placing this in the face of passing public and young children is very wrong."

The company behind the billboard did not respond to queries by the Herald.

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