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Rare sight of sun, but showers too

RARE sightings of the sun are set to light up the skies over the coming days -- but don't go rushing to the beaches just yet.

Forecasters say that while there will be much less rain than in recent weeks, clouds will scupper any hopes of basking in glorious sunshine.

Today brought mostly dry weather across the country with temperatures as high as 21 or 22 degrees in the south and east.

It will be cooler along the south coast with patches of mist and fog.

Things will change tomorrow as a band of rain moves down over the country bringing heavy and persistent showers.

It will stay warm and humid in the south and east with temperatures from 17 to 20 degrees, but will be cooler in the north and west.

The good news is that the rain will clear away on Tuesday evening and by Wednesday the weather will become dry and warm, with light winds and temperatures of 16 to 20 degrees.

It won't be suntan weather though, as forecasters predict: "There will be some sunshine but there won't be wall to wall sunshine, there will be a good deal of cloud."

The good weather should continue for Thursday and Friday, but not over the weekend.