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Rapist Murray now living metres from site of attack in D4

SERIAL rapist Michael Murray is living in an affluent part of Dublin, near to where he carried out one of his terrifying sex attacks.

Murray -- who attacked six women, raping four of them, over six days in 1995 -- was spotted walking casually down Merrion Road in Ballsbridge over the weekend. The rapist has grown a beard and was wearing a blue checked shirt and denim jeans.

Over the past couple of weeks, Murray has been living in short-term accommodation in Dublin 4.

The 50-year-old was released from prison in July of last year after serving 13 years for rape and sex attacks.

He had received five years' remission.

One attack involved an assault on a 22-year-old Trinity College student who was walking by herself after a night out.

Murray grabbed her and sexually assaulted her before stabbing the woman seven times in the chest and back.

The attack happened only a few hundred metres from where he is staying now.

Murray has been seen walking in the southside district a number of times.

In June, Ms Justice Mary Irvine in the High Court rejected Murray's attempt to hide from the public.

The sex offender's legal team had sought the gagging order pending the outcome of his full court action against the Herald and other newspapers over alleged breach of his privacy.

The court heard the full action may not be ready to go ahead next October as his lawyers may need more time to get reports and other evidence ready.

Ms Justice Irvine adjourned the matter for mention only to October 5.


Murray had sought an injunction stopping the newspapers from publishing photos of him, his location and place of employment.

He claimed he had been harassed by the press since his release.

However, Judge Irvine said she could not accede to his application.

She stated that there was "public interest" in being able to identify persons convicted of violent offences and knowing their location.

She rejected the legal argument made by Murray's counsel in regards to his right to privacy and an alleged risk to life because of newspaper stories and photographs of him.

Murray, described as a danger to women, has a significant history of repeated sexual crimes.

The attacks took place in various locations across the southside, including Dalkey and Rathmines.