Monday 20 January 2020

Rapist Murray barred from Tesco for drunk and abusive behaviour

Convicted rapist Michael Murray on the streets of Sandymount. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Convicted rapist Michael Murray on the streets of Sandymount. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Michael Murray lights a cigarette. Photo: INM
A poster warns residents that he may be in Mount Anville Wood, Dublin

Convicted serial rapist Michael Murray has been barred from a shop in Sandymount for abusive behaviour just weeks after moving to the area.

Murray (58) was ejected and barred from the Tesco store in the upmarket corner of Dublin 4 and now appears to have moved out of his new address.

Murray was jailed in 1996 for raping four women and sexually assaulting two others in South Dublin during a six-day reign of terror in September 1995.

At his trial at the Central Criminal Court, two of his victims told the court they thought they were going to die.

Murray had recently been sharing a house in Goatstown for two years until it was emptied so that it could be renovated.


When he moved to the Goatstown address two years ago local residents put up posters warning people of his presence and efforts were made by them to persuade the owner of the house to evict him, but this did not happen.

He only moved out of Goatstown when the house was being renovated, and then moved to Tritonville Road in Dublin 4, but neighbours and locals began complaining to gardai about his presence and his attitude. In the last week he was barred from the Tesco store for abusive behaviour.

It is also understood that he had been drinking, and that it was in the off-licence area of Tesco that Murray had become abusive.

Earlier this week, Murray was spotted walking the streets of Ballsbridge and the surrounding communities of Dublin 4 early in the morning. He visited the post office in Ballsbridge before walking to a house in a cul-de-sac near the Dart line.

There were rumours that some people in Sandymount and Irishtown had expressed their displeasure at his living in the area, and that there was a confrontation outside a local school.

Gardai have advised concerned community groups that he has now left the area and the Tritonville Road address.

His current whereabouts and address are not known.

Murray's first rapes were carried out in Dalkey, Killiney and Monkstown.

His next victim was in Rathmines when he attacked and stabbed a girl. After days of surveillance, he was seen returning to his mother's house and arrested.

He admitted 13 charges out of an original indictment of 30.

Murray pleaded guilty to four counts of rape, two of aggravated sexual assault and seven of assault.

The assault charges related to suffocation or strangulation of his victims so he could sexually assault or rape them.

Murray also admitted charges of malicious wounding, wounding with intent to maim or disfigure, and possessing a knife with intent to intimidate.

In the Central Criminal Court Murray was handed down 10 concurrent terms of 18 years and three concurrent terms of three years by Mr Justice Lavan.

"Reading the statements of the six individual victims would almost render one speechless," he said.

With standard remission, Murray served only 13 years and was released in 2009.

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