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Rape probe fuels fears of all parents

THE truly shocking news that a 14-year-old is being questioned about an alleged rape at a teenage disco, allegedly involving a girl aged 15, will only serve to reinforce the fears of many parents.

It is a sad fact that we live in a world shadowed and underscored by fear. Yet somehow we look to go about our business hoping that the worst will never come to pass.

And more often than not, we are spared living out our nightmares.

However, on this occasion a Junior Cert disco at a well-known south city nightspot became the focus of such fears as the premises were immediately sealed off pending an investigation.

We are lucky to live in a country where, statistically, such alleged incidences are virtually unheard of.

Nevertheless, there will be many parents this weekend who will be a little more wary about letting their teenage children out on their own.

And that's a pity.