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Raonaid knew her killer, says ex-garda

A RETIRED senior detective who led the investigation into the murder of Raonaid Murray believes the teenager knew her killer.

Former Detective Inspector Eamon O' Reilly has spoken out after an inquest into her death - a hearing that he was not informed was taking place despite the fact that he led the investigation for over 12 years.

Despite 13 arrests and one of the biggest investigations in the history of the State, no one has ever been charged with the 17-year-old girls' murder and her death is now being probed by the Garda Cold Case team.

In an exclusive interview with The Herald, Mr O' Reilly said he believes "incorrect statements" were made at the hearing.

He said: "To inform the court that there is not any motive is simply incorrect.

"To inform the inquest that gardai have no suspect and no motive for the murder is a matter of serious concern."

He added: "To agree at this stage to finalise the inquest has had some people asking is the criminal investigation now at an end? Hopefully it is not."

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