Wednesday 17 January 2018

Ramps to prevent cyclists and walkers colliding in Clontarf


Cyclists on Clontarf seafront
Cyclists on Clontarf seafront

Pedestrian ramps are planned for parts of Dublin to stop pedestrians wandering into the path of cyclists.

Dublin City Council is planning to re-engineer the route between Alfie Byrne Road and Conquer Hill Road in Clontarf by introducing "raised defined crossing points" for pedestrians.

Under the proposals, low hedges will be planted at other points, and warning signs for pedestrians and cyclists will be installed.

Moving the cycle path in some locations and constructing new footpaths at others are among the plans included in the new redesign proposals for the Dublin Bay cycle path.

A report by the Council's engineers has pinpointed solutions to several "conflict points" along the route, particularly where pedestrians are leaving the roadside footpath and crossing the cycle path to reach the seaside path.

Fine Gael councillor Naoise O Muiri (inset) said he welcomed the changes which will segregate cyclists from pedestrians more.

"But cyclists need to get into their heads that they need to yield to pedestrians," he said.


It is understood that the Council had originally considered installing speed ramps as a bicycle calming measure on the Clontarf section of its flagship Sandymount to Sutton cycle route, but this was subsequently ruled out.

The Dublin Bay cycleway will be a 22km continuous trek around the city when it is completed.

It will be one of the longest promenades in Europe, and will take a number of years to complete.

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