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Rain washes away hopes of summer sun

PACK an umbrella this week because it’s going to rain and rain.

Met Eireann forecaster Vincent O’Shea said that although temperatures will remain pleasant, we will see nothing of the sun experienced last week.

“Unfortunately the weather is going downhill, it’s deteriorating, so it’s the beginning of a rather unsettled spell,” he said.

“This coming week won’t be anything like last week in the sense that we had lots of sunshine, dry weather and high temperatures. But it won’t be too bad either.

“It will still be mild, but most of the days will have rain or showers,” he said.

“It will probably be decent enough today in the sense that it will be cloudy, but the amount of rain should be small. It will be an overcast day, with very little sunshine,” he said.

However, most places will experience a lot of dry weather during the day.


“But tomorrow and Wednesday, it looks like turning bad again, with all areas having rain, and it will be fairly heavy as well, especially in the western half of the country,” the expert said.

Speaking about the several days of wet weather that are on the cards, he said there will be an appreciable level of rain, compared to what we have had over the last several weeks.

However, the second half of the week, will see the country experiencing decent, bright and sunny spells most days.

“But it will be showery weather, because there has been a lot of low pressure sitting over Ireland, and it is expected to stay with us right to the end of the week,” the forecaster said.

“The temperatures will be in the high teens, and that is not bad. When the sun shines, it could be very pleasant,” he said.

Mr O’Shea said that the country could experience highs of around 18 or 19C towards next weekend.

“The temperatures are going to increase if anything as the week goes on,” he said.