Wednesday 17 January 2018

Radio star is targeted in acid car attack

Acid attack on car of marriage equality Yes campaigner Riyadh Khalaf
Acid attack on car of marriage equality Yes campaigner Riyadh Khalaf
Riyadh Khalaf with his parents Sam and Lorraine
Riyadh Khalaf

A radio presenter was left shocked after discovering vandals had destroyed his car with acid.

Riyadh Khalaf – a Spin 1038 presenter – was left shaken when thugs threw the corrosive substance over both his and his parents’ cars at their home in Bray over the weekend.

He believed it was in retaliation for his support for a Yes vote in last month’s same-sex marriage referendum.

Both cars were left partially melted by the act, and Riyadh  said the family have installed security cameras at their home since the attack.

In a post on Facebook, the young broadcaster, who publicly campaigned for a ‘Yes’ vote in the same-sex marriage

referendum, said the attack was in response to his work for equality.

“It was a malicious act on my family alone. The only reason for this can be down to our recent work for equality and how public it was,” he said.

“My car was given to me by my grandmother after she passed away, so it hurts to see the damage.

“But at the end of the day folks – we won, we have equality and Ireland is a more loving and inclusive place.”

The broadcaster, who starred in RTE documentary series Growing Up Gay back in 2010, appeared in an information leaflet for Yes Equality with his parents Sam and Lorraine in the run-up to the vote.

“Gardai who came out to the house believed the only reason this happened was due to the work I did and my family did for the ‘Yes’ equality campaign,” said Riyadh, who also works as a content producer and radio reporter for Spin 103.8.


“Obviously, somebody has

figured out where we live, which is scary and dangerous,” he said.

“The timing of this is funny though. Why did it not happen in the lead-up to the vote or directly after,” he added.

During the referendum campaign, the Wicklow native spoke out about being gay in Ireland and his experience of coming out as gay to his friends and family.

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