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Radio star George Hook's stolen cards returned in post

George Hook

Rugby pundit George Hook has sent out his thanks to an anonymous person who returned some of the belongings that were stolen from his car nearly a fortnight ago.

The Newstalk radio presenter returned to his parked car on November 13 only to find his window smashed and his briefcase - containing his laptop and wallet - stolen.

Things were looking up for Hook yesterday morning, however, after he received an anonymous package in the mail.

"It was just extraordinary, I opened the envelope and there was nothing in it except for my credit cards, my driving licence and all the rest of it," he said.

"It must be the good life I lead that people like me enough to send me the cards back, so I am a very happy camper today I can tell you."

The Cork man said he has no idea who might have returned his belongings pointing out "we can't assume it was the thief".

"I don't know whether it was him sent them on to me, he could have thrown them away and someone could have picked them up or something," he said.


"Apparently, sometimes they just throw the credit cards into a post box and when the postman comes along and opens it up, all these credit cards are there, they are not even in an envelope.

"Maybe somebody sent them on to me because they don't want to be caught with them.

"I had already changed all the credit cards - sure you do that within minutes or thereafter - but I had done nothing about my driving licence or my VHI and stuff, so it is great to get them back."

He said there was no cash in the bag although there is no sign yet of the missing laptop.

"I had to buy a new laptop but a laptop isn't a disaster you know with the Cloud and everything now you have it all backed up so it's not really the end of the world," he said.

At the time of the robbery, Hook spoke of how impressed he was with the speed with which the gardai handled the affair. He has since received word that a man has been charged in connection with the theft.

"I certainly won't be going down to the court to watch. There is a possibility maybe that I might have to give evidence but I really don't want to go down there looking at some fella," he said.

He said that he has learned from the experience and will not be leaving his briefcase in the car again.