Friday 22 February 2019

'Radio is just lovely, there's no make-up worries' - Nuala

Nuala at yesterday’s launch
Nuala at yesterday’s launch

Weather presenter Nuala Carey has said she would relish the chance to do more radio - as she wouldn't have to get dolled up for work like she does for TV.

The Dubliner is conscious of looking her best while in front of the camera and reckons women on the small screen have to think carefully about their appearance.

"When you're on TV, particularly as a woman, you have to think about what you're wearing and everything has to be perfect," Nuala said.


"In radio, it's lovely to be relaxed and not worry about being made-up. You can arrive in a pair of jeans and it's not a problem."

The TV host receives help from RTE in putting together her outfits for the weather and Lotto broadcasts.

"I do enjoy radio as well, but my heart would be more in television - I have more experience there," she told the Herald.

"I get an allowance from RTE. I don't really enjoy shopping that much, it's just a part of the job."

Nuala is looking forward to tuning in to tomorrow's royal wedding, and was already a fan of American actress Meghan Markle from her role on Suits.

"I'll watch it. Because RTE are covering it, it will be on around me anyway in the office," she said.

Nuala has been presenting the weather on RTE for the past 13 years, having previously worked with AA Roadwatch.

She recalled the process of being hired, which involved having to go through a number of interviews and screen tests before she was eventually chosen as the first non-meteorologist for the position.

"It was a little bit full-on, but I suppose I just put my best foot forward," she said.

"I felt I could be good for the job. It was just a case of going in there and showing what I could do and if I didn't get it, I knew that I had done my best.

"But I was delighted to have got the job."

Nuala was speaking at the launch of the 25th annual Brennans Bloomsday Bike Rally for the Irish Youth Foundation.

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