Tuesday 12 December 2017

Race hate thug spits in tourist's face in Dublin Starbucks cafe


A group of tourists were subjected to racial abuse in a busy Dublin coffee shop when a drunken Irishman spat at them.

The incident took place in Starbucks in Rathmines last Wednesday at around 7.30pm.

John Murray Show reporter Colm Flynn said he was left feeling very embarrassed after witnessing the ugly scene.

"I was sitting in Starbucks doing a bit of work on my laptop and there was an Irish guy who I think was drunk from the way he was talking and pestering people," he told the Herald.

"He got up to leave and walked to the door and a bottle of beer fell out of his pocket and smashed on the floor and the place fell silent - he had an audience then.

"There were a couple of Spanish guys sitting down near the door minding their own business, on their laptops, and he turned and spat right in one of their faces and said 'foreigners'."

The culprit, who was in his 20s, was dressed in jeans, a shirt and a jacket and appeared as if he was about to go out socialising for the night.

"I felt so sorry for the guys first of all and then I felt really embarrassed for Dublin and Ireland in that moment," said Mr Flynn.

Staff in the busy coffee shop went to clean up the floor where the bottle had broken and asked if the foreign group were all right.

Mr Flynn, who also fills in as a presenter on RTE Radio One show Risin' Time, then asked the group if there was anything he could do to help.

"I went over to them - they said they were fine but they were a bit shaken. They were embarrassed," he said.

"There was also a little child sitting nearby with its father, who had seen everything happen."

The drunkard left the cafe and the group of tourists remained seated for another 15 minutes before leaving.

When the Herald contacted Starbucks, the duty manager said there was not much they could add.

"We know very little about it," he said.


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