Wednesday 20 February 2019

Quit sending me dead animals, RTE's Mooney tells listeners

DEREK Mooney's radio fans have gone wild sending him skeletons and carcasses.

Nature-loving listeners have been posting animals and insects, dead or alive, to RTE.

The problem became so bad that he was forced to place a notice on the show's website stating: "Please do not send any live, dead, or skeletal remains of any creature whatsoever to Mooney Goes Wild."

The presenter told the Herald that bugs like the May Bug, the Devil's coach horse, and the Death's Head Hawkmoth have all been delivered by the postman.

"Once or twice we've been sent rotten carcasses, or sometimes the animal would still have its fur on it. But we've asked people not to. I said 'desist'.

"I just said to people on air, stop sending us these things. Send us a photo or an image of it if you want, but stop sending us these, because we're not going to open them.

"But innocently enough, people just want to know what they are. They're curious about them."

The presenter explained that his listeners can be passionate about insects and animals, and they are usually sending them in to inquire if they're harmful.


"They've sent us bugs and skeletal remains of small animals wondering what they are. The Devil's coach horse is pretty frightening looking. They'd be alive when people have sent them in and they'd put them in a sealed container and send them in to us.

"People used to send us things like skeletal remains of mice, thinking they were voles, or they've sent us the Death's Head Hawkmoth, which are scary looking things and were used in Silence Of The Lambs."

He added: "The May Bug is another one. It comes out in May and it's a frightening looking thing and everyone is terrified of it.

"The Woodwasp has a spiky thing sticking out of it, and people think it's a sting, but it's just an ovipositor and they use it to drill into the wood. And people sent it in wondering if it was harmful."

He said people haven't sent any wild or wonderful packages recently, because they know they'll go unopened in his office if they do.

"They'd all be addressed to me, and if we see anything at all like that, we wouldn't even open it anymore."


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