Monday 20 November 2017

Quiet resort returns to normal 24 hours after horror of gun murder

The Angel de Miraflores complex where a gunman chased down Gary Hutch, firing at least eight shots and hitting him three times.
The Angel de Miraflores complex where a gunman chased down Gary Hutch, firing at least eight shots and hitting him three times.
Bullet marks in the walls around the pool area

Walls with bullet holes and shreds of crime-scene tape were the only reminders of the horror that played out at the Angel de Miraflores apartments just 24 hours earlier.

It was in the tranquil complex that Dublin gangster Gary Hutch (34), was blasted by a balaclava- wearing hitman as he made a desperate attempt to flee.

Hutch died in a pool of blood in front of horrified pensioners who have retired to live out their days in the sun.

The gunman fired eight bullets, hitting the slain gangster at least three times across his back, chest and head.

His assassin calmly walked past security cameras and through an electronic gate to a waiting getaway car which was later found torched.


Organised crime is part of the tapestry of life on the Costa del Sol and yesterday it looked as if the daily routine was almost back to normal for residents.

Back in Dublin, Hutch's family were coming to terms with their loss.

His father Patsy visited his son Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch(inset) in Mountjoy Prison yesterday morning to tell him his brother had been murdered.

Derek Hutch is currently serving sentences for manslaughter and possession of a firearm.

It's just a week since Gary and Derek's cousin Eddie Hutch hit the headlines winning €33,000 of prizes on Winning Streak.

Now the family have to make arrangement's for Gary's funeral.

Patsy, a carpet fitter, is expected to make the journey to Spain over the coming days to bring his son home.

Angels de Miraflores is not the kind of place that those who knew him would expect Hutch to hang out. He was a party animal and loved to live it up in Peurto Banus.

The nephew of former criminal Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch, Gary had lived in a luxury penthouse near the millionaire's playground for years, but his more recent address was a regular two-bedroom flat in a much quieter area populated by pensioners.

Neighbours say that they rarely saw or heard from him.

"I knew he was Irish but I didn't even know his first name. He was in that apartment but we thought it belonged to a relative of his and that he had been in Ibiza or something. We paid no heed," said one woman.

No police were carrying out door-to-door inquiries at the Spanish resort. No appeals were being made about the brutal killers.

Just last month Spanish police closed the investigation into the murder of drug dealer Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh, who was shot dead near Marbella last year.

Despite a trawl through CCTV and the many witnesses who saw him die, they admitted they have got nowhere near solving the murder, so they decided to shelve it.

The fear for the Hutch family is that this latest killing will go the same way.

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