Saturday 20 January 2018

Quick-thinking Conor hailed a hero for help in saving his uncle's life

Conor Campbell Perrie (7) helped to save his uncle Derek Perrie
Conor Campbell Perrie (7) helped to save his uncle Derek Perrie

A Dublin boy has been hailed a hero for saving his uncle's life after he saw he had slipped into a diabetic coma.

Conor Campbell Perrie (7) recognised the signs that his uncle was slipping into a diabetic coma and alerted paramedics, who rushed to the scene.

He was given an award for his quick-thinking.

Conor found his uncle Derek Perrie (39) unresponsive in his bedroom earlier this year.

After trying to wake him and shining a torch in his eyes, Conor told his dad Robert what was going on and urged him to call an ambulance.

Paramedics rushed to the Dublin home in Loughlinstown and said had Conor not come across his uncle when he did, the situation could have had a tragic outcome.

Conor's dad Robert said that the second-class student's quick-thinking is the reason his uncle is alive today.

Derek, a personal trainer, suffers from Type 1 diabetes and his blood sugar had dropped dangerously low, which is life-threatening.


"Conor went into my brother's bedroom and found him.

"He wasn't answering questions and wouldn't wake when he tried to rouse him," he said.

"He shone a torch in his eyes and found that he was unresponsive.

"He ran into my room then and we called an ambulance.

"The paramedics made a big deal out of him and were calling him a little hero," he told the Herald.

The little boy was recently awarded a Hidden Hearing Hero award for his bravery, which his dad said has been a huge boost for his confidence.

However, nobody is more grateful for Conor's heroics than his uncle, who he is very close to.

"Conor and Derek are mad about each other, they have great fun.

"It was great for him to get this award. He's been showing his certificate off in school," proud dad Robert said.


Conor was awarded a 'recognition recipient' award in the Young Hero category of the awards earlier this month.

The other winner in the category was Sean McCullagh, who was paralysed at the age of four in a car accident.

He gone on to excel in sport, particularly sailing, and is part of the Leinster Sailing Team.

RTE's Mary Kennedy presented the awards.

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