Tuesday 12 December 2017

Quarter of city CCTV cameras don't work

ALMOST a quarter of the city's security cameras don't work, the Herald can reveal.

A total of 40 cameras erected to monitor streets and housing estates throughout the capital are completely out of order.

And one busy city street - which locals say has seen a significant amount of drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in recent weeks - has no cameras working whatsoever.

Figures obtained by the Herald today reveal that almost 25pc of the 166 cameras under the city council's control are not in operation.

The figures show that all 14 cameras on Dorset Street Upper are out of action. The street was the scene for a major garda operation last May during which officers clashed with hundreds of rioters. Twenty arrests were made. It is also known for low-level drug dealing.

Half of the cameras erected in Ballybough House, Annesley Avenue, North Clarence Street and Dunne Street are also not operating properly.


And there is no functioning security camera in St Finbar's Court in Cabra, with six others broken in O'Devaney Gardens near Phoenix Park.

The complex has been dogged by crime and anti-social behaviour in recent times. It was the scene of riots in 2008 which included arson attacks on people's homes and cars.

City activist Gerry Carney told the Herald today that it is an "absolute necessity for families'" that all cameras work.

"We're talking about ensuring the strongest level of health and safety for the elderly, families and children and to do that we need the cameras to be fully operational."

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said that cameras can be out of operation for a number of reasons including vandalism and electrical faults.

"It should be noted that cameras are often located in exposed positions and are therefore susceptible to harsher weather conditions, accordingly their design life can be relatively short."


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