Wednesday 13 December 2017

Pupils try harder with men teachers

Pupils make more effort in the classroom if they have a male teacher, research suggested today.

Male teachers are more likely to boost self-esteem and are seen as fair, while at the same time are no more lenient on students, according to the study.

Researchers conducted an experiment in which 1,200 pupils in 29 schools were each given a small sum of money.

They could use the money to "buy" up to 10 questions at a cost of 20c each. For every question a pupil got right they earned 20c, if they got it wrong, they lost 20c.

Pupils taught by a male teacher chose nearly half a question more than pupils taught by a female teacher.

Being assessed by a male teacher rather than an anonymous examiner increased the number of questions a child bought by 0.5.

"This suggests that pupils have a much more positive perception of the rewards of effort when taught by a male teacher," the study says.


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