Saturday 20 January 2018

Pubs use strippers, midgets and drinks promos to entice Leaving Cert parties

STRIPPERS, midgets and booze-fuelled raves are just some of the offerings being advertised to Leaving Cert revellers looking to party.

Promotions are being run by several nightclubs in the capital today, with promises of cheap alcohol.

Quinn's of Drumcondra is running Project X, which promises to include 'strippers', 'sexy girls' and a 'midget'.

The drinks promos include beer bongs and 'super soakers' -- drinks dispensed from a water gun.

The Quinn's event calls itself the official Leaving Cert results party: tickets cost €5.

But the promise of strippers, beer bongs and sexy girls, have infuriated some parents.

Jackie O'Callaghan, of the National Parents Council, said this kind of promotion encourages poor moral standards.

"It's absolutely off the wall. As a parent you would always try to give your children good values for all aspects of life, to have respect for themselves and for others.

"But this is just the polar opposite to that. Encouraging this kind of stuff is just not appropriate in any manner."

Up to 800 students are also expected to descend on a special Leaving Cert rave in Lafayette nightclub on Westmoreland Street in Dublin.

The event is also being promoted as the official Leaving Cert party and is offering double vodka and Redbull for €10.

On its Facebook page, promoters Smash 'N'Grab describe the event, which students must pay €10 to enter, as, 'the biggest, sweatiest, filthiest rave of the year'.

Midnight Promotions are running three events around the city under the tagline 'F*** Me It's Results Night.'

Its club, Dandelion on St Stephen's Green, is advertising shots for €2 and drinks for €3, while another of its clubs, Howl At The Moon, offers €3 drinks on its Facebook page.

All events insist they are for over 18s only and ID is required.

Jackie O'Callaghan is scathing: "It's a quick buck for the clubs and the pubs.

"It's not good for the students. It's not good for society as a whole to encourage this sort of drinking at any age and it's certainly isn't suitable for people of 18 or 19.

"Think of the violence in the street afterwards, accidents happening, somebody being violently ill and having to be taken to hospital."

The charity MEAS -- Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society -- which encourages responsible drinking, also criticised the promotions being run on Facebook.

"These types of promotional activity are a major concern."

Fionnuala Sheehan, CEO of MEAS, criticised the types of drinking games offered by Quinn's: "We consider the dispensing of alcohol from beer bongs and super soakers to be very irresponsible."


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