Saturday 26 May 2018

Pub remains closed after combined raid by gardai and Revenue

The Edenmore House pub
The Edenmore House pub

A noted north Dublin pub that was raided by gardai and Revenue officials was still closed last night following a joint agency operation.

The doors remained locked at the Edenmore House after the premises were searched for more than two hours by customs officers and gardai in a raid that began at around 6pm on Thursday.

Sources said the raid had been planned by Coolock gardai and customs officers for several weeks.

"This operation was to do with licensing legislation as well as outstanding Revenue matters," a source said.

"There may be further developments in this matter in the future."


In a completely separate dev- elopment not linked to the Edenmore House in any way, gardai in the area are monitoring a feud between young criminals.

The dispute has seen a number of violent incidents in recent weeks.

Tensions are running high after a row broke out between youths based in the Edenmore estate and the nearby Ayrfield area.

It has emerged that up to 60 young men, mostly aged between 18 and 35, are involved in the "simmering conflict".

It has led to weapons including swords and knives being hidden at "discreet locations" in the Edenmore estate.

Sources said the rival Ayrfield faction have been driving into the Edemore estate on a weekly basis "in convoy with a view to taking out the opposite side".

While no shooting incidents have been linked to the low- level feud, sources have reported a number of serious assaults and stabbings.

Gardai have been made aware of a number of the att-acks, which have included an attempt by one criminal to slit another young man's throat and a brick being thrown through a car window in a separate attack.

"The nature of this feud is unique to its own small area," said the source. "What has been happening a lot is that small-level drug dealers from both sides are being ripped-off by each other.

"Meetings are being set up, drugs are being stolen. Fellas are being beaten up."

Sources said a prominent grouping in the Edenmore faction are a crime-based family suspected of a catalogue of crimes in the locality, including armed robbery.

They were the subject of garda drugs raids last May.


On the opposing side, much of the power is in the hands of a Coolock drug dealer aged in his late 20s.

This up-and-coming criminal had close links to the late gangster Patrick 'Dutchy' Holland who was named during one court case as having pulled the trigger in the shooting of journalist Veronica Guerin 20 years ago.

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