Monday 22 January 2018

Pub kicks out dad for dining at pool table

A YOUNG dad who had his celebratory Father's Day meal taken off him by pub security staff ended up being arrested when he called gardai over their behaviour.

Carl Lindsey and his partner were ejected from the packed north city centre pub for dining at a pool table, despite being told that was the only place there was room to eat.

He ended up being prosecuted for a public order offence when he argued with staff and gardai at the scene.

Judge Catherine Staines dismissed a breach of the peace charge, ruling that Mr Lindsey had a "legitimate dispute" with the staff. However, she warned him that it was not the responsibility of the gardai to deal with civil disputes.

Mr Lindsey, of Cappagh Green, Finglas, had denied using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour at Parnell Street on June 20.

Gardai said they went to the scene on the night and the defendant was being aggressive and arguing with staff.

In evidence, the defendant said his girlfriend Stephanie Scully had taken him out for Father's Day and the woman who served them asked if they could eat at the snooker table because there were no seats.


"The bouncers came over and grabbed my food," he said. "I was annoyed, I said you have no right to do that. They manhandled me out."

The couple then went to Fibber Magee's on Parnell Street, but the same security men followed them there, grabbed him and told him to leave.

Mr Lindsey called the gardai but alleged when he spoke to a garda at the scene, the officer was more interested in the bouncer's side of the story and told him to 'f**k off home'.

"I said 'who are you to tell me to f**k off? You f**k off' and he said 'okay you are arrested for public order' and he handcuffed me," the accused alleged.

Ms Scully, who was five months pregnant at the time of the incident, said they had been told they were welcome to eat at the side of the pool table.

The incident had been unfortunate and arose from two "misunderstandings", Mr Lindsey's lawyer said.

Judge Staines said because she had no evidence from the bouncers as to what happened she had to accept the evidence of Mr Lindsey and Ms Scully.


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