Friday 21 September 2018

'Psycho' who tortured teenager 'will kill' if released from prison

Alan Ellis
Alan Ellis

A YOUNG man who sadistically tortured a teenager with a cheese grater while falsely imprisoning him "will kill" if released from prison, a source has warned.

Alan Ellis (22) was jailed for six years in November 2013 for the sickening incident where he tied his then 14-year-old victim to a radiator before torturing him for an hour-and-a-half.

Now a source has raised concerns about how Ellis will behave after he is released.

A source described Ellis as "an absolute psychopath", warning that he "will kill" someone.

"This guy is an absolute psychopath. He sadistically tortured this teenager who he thought owed him drug money.

"During interviews he admitted that he probably would have killed the teenager if he didn't manage to escape," the source said.

"If Alan Ellis is released from prison, I have no doubt he will end up killing someone. The guy is just an absolute lunatic, and a nightmare for prison staff," the source added.

Ellis is not due to be released this year. He is currently being housed in Mountjoy's C-Wing in the Challenging Behavioural Unit (CBU), for extremely difficult inmates.

Ellis is fed by prison officers wearing protective riot suits due to the threat he poses.

The source said he is gaining increasing "notoriety" within the prison system for various offences. In October of last year he stabbed inmate Paul Duffy in the head and eye with a makeshift shiv.

Duffy was hospitalised after the unprovoked attack. Ellis is in jail for the horrific crime he committed in March 2012. He coaxed the victim into an apartment, telling the 14-year-old boy he wanted to show him how to tie a particular knot.

However, once the teen entered the property, Ellis used a hoover flex to tie him to a radiator.

He poured boiling water down his trousers, before removing the skin from the boy's knee, knuckles and fingertips with a cheese grater.

The terrified teenager only managed to escape when he persuaded Ellis he would be able to get him money for letting him go.

The youth never returned, and gardai were called to the scene. In interviews with gardai Ellis agreed that it was possible that he wouldn't have let the victim go if he had not volunteered money.

During the court case Ellis' mother described how she had to move younger children out of the family home because they were frightened of how violent Ellis could get.

Sentencing him to nine years' imprisonment with three suspended, Judge Desmond Hogan said Ellis had "a propensity to do very violent things", adding that he seemed to be getting worse.

Ellis was refused bail in the 20 months between the attack and court case, due to the risk posed to the general public.

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