Tuesday 23 January 2018

Proposal to take Lord out of Mayor title


Mannix Flynn
Mannix Flynn

The Lord Mayor of Dublin could be in for a name change with a renewed bid to remove the word Lord from the historic title.

Independent councillor Mannix Flynn (inset) has tabled a motion at an upcoming protocol committee for the council to ask his colleagues to consider a change in title to Civic Mayor of Dublin.


It is the second time that Mr Flynn has attempted to have the "dated" title altered.

"People, particularly young people, have no connection to the word," Mr Flynn told the Herald.

"It needs to be taken out and replaced with something much more inclusive because it's an important position for the city.

"It might be suited to somewhere like London but it just doesn't work here," he added.

It would be fitting, Mr Flynn said, to alter the title in time for the 2016 celebrations marking the centenary of the 1916 Rising.

The motion, which will come before members of the protocol committee this Thursday, calls for a plebiscite on the matter.

To drop the word Lord "would be in keeping with a much more democratic description and title" it reads.

"The days of Lords go back to a time when Ireland was under foreign rule and in many respects it is an alien, colonialist term.

"The capital of the Irish Republic should assert itself and strike a new title and description for the elected chairperson and Civic Mayor of Dublin City and Council," the motion continues.

Current Lord Mayor Criona Ni Dhalaigh has already declined to use the title wherever possible, opting instead to use the Irish title Ardmheara.

The Sinn Fein councillor said that in addition to "belonging to a time gone by", the title of Lord Mayor was sexist because it has no female equivalent.

"I don't like the title because it's sexist. It also means that the husband of a female Lord Mayor still has to be known as the Lady Mayoress, which is just farcical."

"I would be much more comfortable with the title of Ardmheara or just Mayor but I don't know if it's been set down in legislation somewhere," she added.

Ms Ni Dhalaigh said that she also would prefer to have a directly elected mayor.

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