Friday 22 February 2019

Probe into hit-and-run tragedy is ongoing

Ilmars Zorge died on Sunday. Photo: Amy Molloy
Ilmars Zorge died on Sunday. Photo: Amy Molloy

This is the first picture of tragic hit-and-run victim Ilmars Zorge, who died in Swords on Sunday.

Gardai are continuing to investigate the circumstances of how the 35-year-old Latvian man was killed on the Swords to Ashbourne road.

The investigation is complex because they know Mr Zorge was lying on the road when witnesses saw him being hit by a car which then failed to stop.

They are now trying to establish why he was lying in the roadway, and if he had been hit by a vehicle previously.


Mr Zorge had been at an after-work gathering on Saturday night and was walking home afterwards.

Sources say a motorist driving on the Rathbeale Road from Swords towards Ashbourne spotted something on the road at around 1.30am and swerved to avoid it.

They then pulled in to the side of the road.

A second car then came along and it also avoided the person on the road and pulled in.

But while both drivers then tried to warn another oncoming vehicle, they saw that car hit the man.

This dark-coloured saloon car failed to stop and left the crash scene, according to a source.

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