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Privacy? €150k-a-year Cowen's entitled to it...

BRIAN Cowen received an apology yesterday from a Sunday newspaper. They had published a photo of him attending a six-week executive programme in Stanford University, California, which costs €47k to take part in, and suggested that Cowen had not paid the tuition fees himself.

This was, of course, a shocking invasion of the man's privacy -- he is entitled to a peaceful retirement on €150,000-a-year for the rest of his life, courtesy of the wonderful service he has given his country.

So one can feel nothing but agreement with the man, who gave out to another journalist who door-stepped him last summer with the choice comment: "It's the same f***ing s***e every year... I've had my fill of Irish journalism."

So while the country suffers on the back of the inept leadership shown by Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen over the past 10 years, those two men continue to live it up on the back of their obscene pensions, which they refuse to have reduced as they feel they're entitled to them.

As Brian said himself, all we hear from them is "the same f***ing s***e every year".