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Prisoner 'in so much pain he pulled out two teeth with pen'

Alan Bradley

A MAN serving an eight-year prison sentence for conspiracy to rob a security van containing €1m in cash wants the State to provide him with dental treatment, the High Court heard.

Alan Bradley's teeth have caused him so much pain that he removed two of them with a ballpoint pen, the court heard.

An independent dentist says he requires and is entitled to orthodontic treatment.

Despite being furnished with the dentist's report, his request for treatment has not been acceded to, and his legal representatives have been left with no other option other than to bring proceedings, the court was also told.

His case is against the Minister for Justice and Equality, the Irish Prison Service and the Governor of Portlaoise Prison, where Bradley is currently incarcerated.


Alan Bradley and his brother Wayne Bradley

Alan Bradley and his brother Wayne Bradley

Alan Bradley and his brother Wayne Bradley

He seeks various orders including one compelling the authorities to provide him with orthodontic treatment.

Leave to bring the application was granted, on an ex parte basis, by Mr Justice Paul McDermott. The case comes back in December.

Moving the application, his counsel Dominic McGinn said that under the prison rules his client is entitled to the same entitlements as a person on a medical card.

For more than a year, his client has been experiencing severe pain with his teeth and has had difficulty eating and drinking.

Counsel said the independent dentist's report states Bradley meets the HSE criteria which entitles him to the treatment deemed necessary to alleviate his pain. However, the prison authorities, in their response to the report, did not seem to address its findings.

Counsel said the failure to provide him with the treatment is irrational and unreasonable.

In 2012, Bradley, with an address at Churchfields, Kentstown, Co Meath, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to conspiring to steal cash from a security van from Chubb Ireland on November 2, 2007 at Tesco, Celbridge Co Kildare. The van contained almost €1m in cash.

Judge Tony Hunt sentenced him to nine years in prison, with the final two suspended.

On appeal, that term was reduced by the CCA to one of eight years with the final 18 months suspended.

His younger brother, Wayne Bradley (35) Ratoath Road, Finglas, Dublin, also pleaded guilty to the offence and received a sentence of seven years with 18 months suspended. The CCA reduced that sentence to six years with the final year suspended.

Three other men were also sentenced for their roles.