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Prisoner in Love/Hate eye stab attack


Fran in an episode of Love/Hate

Fran in an episode of Love/Hate

Fran in an episode of Love/Hate

A prisoner in Mountjoy jail has been stabbed in the eye just days after a similar attack featured in RTE crime drama Love/Hate.

The sickening incident happened last Friday when a prisoner serving a six-year sentence for torturing a 14-year-old boy stabbed another inmate in the head and eye.

Alan Ellis (22) sliced prisoner Paul Duffy with a makeshift knife, called a 'shiv', in the right-eye at 3.30pm in an unprovoked attack in the prison's High Support Unit.

In an episode of Love/Hate broadcast on October 19, psychopath Fran was seen stabbing fellow inmate 'Pottsie' in the eye in one of the most gruesome scenes ever depicted on Irish television.

In Friday's incident Duffy was rushed to the Mater Hospital after warders managed to restrain Ellis and end the attack.

Duffy, who is from west Dublin and serving a two-year sentence for a drugs offence, remained in hospital over the weekend and is considered extremely lucky not to have lost his eye.

Ellis is known to be extremely violent and unpredictable, and reports say that he attacked a psychologist in the prison ten days prior to the attack on Duffy.

Earlier on Friday there had been an incident in the High Support Unit but Ellis was not involved.

But at around 3.30pm Duffy was standing in the doorway of his cell and Ellis was walking by.

Seconds later Ellis pulled out a shiv and attacked Duffy, striking him on the head and in the right eye.

Ellis, of Rathmines Road Lower in Dublin, was jailed last November for tying a 14-year-old boy to a radiator, pouring boiling water down his trousers and skinning his knees, knuckles and fingertips with a cheese grater.

He brought the boy into a flat on March 12, 2012, after telling him he wanted to show him how to tie a particular knot. He then used a flex to tie the victim to the radiator before he tortured him for almost hour-and-a-half. Ellis has since been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.


In sentencing, Judge Desmond Hogan said Ellis has "a propensity to do very violent things", and that he seemed to be getting worse.

However, he added that it was Ellis's drug taking that led him to commit crime.

The court that Ellis was convinced the teen he had tortured had found a stash of drugs. The youth escaped after he told Ellis that his father had some money - but he didn't return and gardai were alerted.

Ellis was also sentenced for two charges of burglary of his neighbour's homes.

The Irish Prison Service investigating Friday's attack.