Friday 15 December 2017

Prisoner 88335 gets threats from fellow inmates ... as well as mail from his fans

Graham Dwyer court sketch By Declan Considine
Graham Dwyer court sketch By Declan Considine

GRAHAM Dwyer spent his first night as a convicted murderer back in his cell in Cloverhill Prison.

The killer was refused bail on three separate occasions, and has now been locked up for all of the 16 months since his October 2013 arrest.

Prisoner number 88335 will spend this weekend on suicide watch and the Herald can reveal that Ireland’s most high-profile inmate has already been threatened by fellow prisoners.

“He will be very closely watched for the next 48 hours and after this it will be decided what exactly to do with him,” a jail insider said.

It has emerged that Dwyer was threatened by fellow inmates in Cloverhill last weekend who shouted abuse at him, calling him a rapist and murderer.

Prison officers were forced to intervene and protect Dwyer, who escaped any physical  harm.

The Herald can also reveal that the killer has been receiving “fan mail” sent to Cloverhill prison over recent months.

The correspondence was addressed to Dwyer well before the 10-week trial began.

However, it was intercepted by prison authorities and Dwyer never got to read the bizarre musings of his fanbase.

The expectation among jail insiders is that prison officers will have to closely monitor Dwyer for the duration of his sentence because the gruesome nature of his crime will make him a target for other prisoners.

Dwyer, who has lived an isolated existence in jail apart from his job in the prison’s kitchen, will remain in Cloverhill Prison until he is given a mandatory life sentence next month.


Sources say that he remained “extremely confident” that he would be cleared of the murder charge right up until his conviction yesterday and had even boasted that he would be walking free from jail on numerous occasions.

The murder probe into Elaine O’Hara is not the first time Dwyer has been at the centre of a garda investigation.

He was previously the subject of a garda probe for making threats and harassing his former partner Emer McShea. The couple had a child called Sennan, who was born in 1992.

It is understood that Dwyer made what is called “sinister contact” with Ms McShea in 2009 and sources say that the former couple had “not seen eye to eye” for many years before or since then.

“There was an investigation but there was not enough evidence to bring it any further,” a senior source said.

These threats were investigated by gardai in Donegal but ultimately it was decided that Dwyer would not face charges.

After he was arrested, Dwyer was asked about his relationship with Ms McShea and how she had been interviewed that day in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, by gardai.

“She would not be friendly to me,” Dwyer said.

They read her statement to him and how she had told them that his fantasy had involved stabbing a woman.

He had started to bring a knife into the bedroom, first leaving it on the floor and then holding it while they were having sex.

“Oh my God,” said Mr Dwyer, adding: “I’d say she enjoyed reading that... she’s delighted I’m in trouble.”

The gardai had inquired if she had been “telling lies” about his sexual preferences.

“It’s not ... ask my wife... don’t ask my wife,” Mr Dwyer said to the detectives in Blackrock Garda Station.

Later, Ms McShea gave dramatic evidence in court that Dwyer brought a knife into the bedroom and pretended to stab her during sex when they were together in the early 1990s.


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