Sunday 17 December 2017

PRE-SEASON training can't be easy in the middle of a heat wave but Leinster lads David Kearney and Devin Toner found the perfect solution.

PRE-SEASON training can't be easy in the middle of a heat wave but Leinster lads David Kearney and Devin Toner found the perfect solution.

The rugby pals took to Coliemore Harbour in Dalkey to cool off yesterday.

The lads enjoyed a dip in the scorching sunshine yesterday, making the most of the last day of the heatwave.

Met Eireann is warning that the next few days will see a return to much more typical Irish weather. The east coast is expected to be hit by an Atlantic front moving in and with it will come rain and possibly thunderstorms.

Temperatures will stay between around 18 and 22 degrees today. Meanwhile, it looks set to stay the same for the second day of the weekend.

"Sunday will see outbreaks of rain and it'll be a cloudier day. Temperatures in Dublin will be between around 16 and 18 degrees," according to Met Eireann forecaster Eoin Sherlock.

The glorious wave of sunshine and soaring temperatures is not set for a return next week, disappointing beachgoers around the country.

But regulars at Dollymount Strand were already disappointed this week by a council decision to ban cars from directly accessing the beach.

Concerns were raised by locals about the availability of elderly and disabled persons to access the popular spot.

According to the council, safety concerns at the beach spurred them to introduce the new restrictions at Dollymount.


Recently, an ambulance was unable to access the beach to attend to a woman who was injured when a car got stuck in the soft strand at the beach.

"Due to the haphazard nature of parking, emergency vehicles had difficulty attending to the incident and gardai subsequently advised that 
the cars should no longer be permitted onto the beach," 
said a spokesperson for the council.

The barriers in place at 
the beach are temporary 
but the council have not indicated when they will be dismantled.

Despite the temperatures dipping, experts are still advising extreme caution next week as Dubliners continue to enjoy their summer.

The Irish Coast Guard have issued a strict warning for bathers to swim only where it has been deemed safe and where there is a lifeguard present.

The warning comes after the tragic death of teenager Gareth McGuirk in Drogheda on Thursday, who drowned while swimming with friends at an off-limits reservoir.

The Irish Cancer Society is also cautioning people to be sun-smart ahead of the weekend. Practical guidelines are being issued by the society advising people to lather on sunscreen even if the temperatures are not as high as they have been over the last few days.


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