Thursday 17 January 2019

PR welcome for lobbying bill

THE Registration of Lobbying Bill, to be debated in the Dail this week, will bring in a statutory register of lobbying activities.

The Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII) welcomed the move, with vice-president Jacqueline Hall saying: "Transparent, ethical and two-way communications are a fundamental part of the political process, and if government is to make good decisions it needs to be informed by all sides.

"This legislation will bring greater transparency to decision-making."

Cameron sorry for Queen slip

British Prime Minister David Cameron has apologised for revealing details of Queen Elizabeth's relief that Scotland had voted to keep the UK intact.

He was caught last week telling former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg that the Queen had "purred" following the result of the September 18 referendum in which Scots voted to reject independence.

"It's one of those moments where you look back and kick yourself," he said. "I've made my apologies and I think I'll probably be making some more."

Girl (7) killed in crater explosion

Sicilian authorities have ordered the closure of the Macalube nature reserve after a seven-year-old girl was killed when a small mud crater exploded.

Police said the girl, her nine-year-old brother and father were buried in mud and sediment when one of the craters exploded. The boy is missing.

The phenomenon is the result of methane gas mixing with salt water and clay.

Pope praise for grandparents

Pope Francis yesterday hailed the value of the elderly, including his predecessor Benedict XVI, who joined him at a ceremony in St Peter's Square honouring grandparents.

Tens of thousands of people applauded when Francis said Benedict's living in papal retirement at the Vatican is "like having the wise grandfather at home".

Francis (77) added: "A people that doesn't take care of its grandparents and treat them well is a people with no future."

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