Wednesday 16 January 2019

Portaloos put in city street for drunks

PORTALOOS have been installed in Dublin city centre to prevent drunken revellers from urinating on the streets.

Dublin City Council has insisted the facilities have had a positive effect, despite criticisms that they are unsightly.

And the local authority has also ruled out constructing proper public conveniences as there is no budget for such a project.

The issue was raised in relation to Camden Street in Dublin 2, which has one of the highest concentrations of bars and clubs in the city.

Thousands of revellers exit the venues in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday, with many using laneways and surrounding streets as toilets, the local community has claimed.

Following complaints from businesses and residents, the council decided to install Portaloos.

The local authority said: "The facilities have worked well and the levels of street urination have decreased in the vicinity.

"The situation is kept under constant review and if there are difficulties they can be brought to the attention of city council," councillors were told.

The information was released following a question from Cllr Mannix Flynn (Ind).

He asked that the Portaloos --- which are placed there over the weekends "to facilitate certain overcrowded large venues and public houses" -- be removed from the street.


Mr Flynn said the council should "provide proper public conveniences as is practiced in the rest of Europe".

He suggested the local authority examine how the councils in London deal with this issue of public conveniences.

The city centre's public toilets were closed by the council years ago after their condition deteriorated badly over time.

In 2007, the council had planned to spend €800,000 on sprucing up public toilets on College Green.

But the economic downturn meant the proposals were binned.


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