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Pope tribute to downtrodden

Pope Francis has paid tribute to what he calls the "unknown saints" - the jobless and homeless and those who flee war, hunger and poverty.

He marked All Saints Day by celebrating Mass and giving a homily on Saturday in Rome's sprawling Verano cemetery.

He hailed those forced to flee their homes and villages to save their lives, risking hunger, illness and cold. He lamented that sometimes people regard these refugees, including hungry, ill children "as if they are of another species, not human".

Shepherds in grazing protest

Shepherds have guided a flock of 2,000 sheep through Madrid in defence of ancient grazing, droving and migration rights increasingly threatened by urban sprawl.

Shepherds halted at the town hall so the chief herdsman could hand authorities 25 maravedies - copper coins first minted in the 11th Century - as payment for the crossing.

They then continued past central Puerta del Sol square and the Bank of Spain headquarters on their way to Retiro Park.

Thieves target Dachau gate

part of a wrought-iron gate at the former Dachau concentration camp bearing the Nazis' cynical slogan "Work sets you free" has been stolen.

Police said security officials noticed early yesterday that the gate section measuring 190cm by 95cm was missing. They said that whoever stole it during the night would have had to climb over another gate to reach it.

Dachau, near Munich, was the first concentration camp set up by the Nazis in 1933. More than 40,000 prisoners died there before it was liberated in April 1945.

Tornado hits English town

A mini tornado has hit a Leicestershire town.

Cars, shops and homes were damaged when the twister swept through Coalville yesterday.

Part of the roof of a store at the Belvoir Shopping Centre could be seen ripped off while other images showed fences collapsed.

Resident Theresa Bowron said part of her roof was blown off and other houses nearby were damaged.